OH NO! Two and a Half


Dear Roman,
You turn two and a half tomorrow and right on cue like all the books and experts cautiously said… you changed. Overnight. Without warning. Our mild mannered, good nature, happy kid has been replaced with an emotional, strong willed, negative two and a half year old.

The last few days have been filled with roller coaster ups and downs. You are content one minute and the next you are sobbing uncontrollably about the smallest thing. Your negativity is absolutely exhausting for the both of us.

“Mama I don’t want to eat a banana” or “no Mama I don’t want to go to the park” said through sobs as you collapse to the floor like a rag doll. Then a minute later still on the floor crying you’ll say, “Mama I want to eat a banana” or “Mama I want to go to the park.” This happens all day long. Sometimes I think you tire yourself so much that you will actually ask to go take a break up in your room and tell me to leave you there until you call for me. So I do. Usually a few minutes later you call for me and you are in a better mood. Yesterday after crying for 20 minutes straight because you were told it wasn’t time to watch a show and it wasn’t okay to pick out your own snack from the pantry you finally calmed down, came to me with a puffy face and said, “Mama I feel sick from crying.” You poor thing.

But after the terrible moments you will remind me of my buddy. Like when you ran up to me telling me you had a pet bird on your arm. “Pet her Mama” holding your arm up oh so carefully so I could pet the nothing that was perched on your arm. “That’s my pet bird Gaga.” Yesterday you were talking to Baby Bean (my belly) and whispered to her, “you have pink pacifiers in Mama’s drawer.” I thought that was pretty nice of you to fill her in on that important bit of info. And today I overheard you telling your astronaut doll that you like to play with your Dad, Uncle Rob, Aunt Lindsay, Alec, Izzie, Zoe and Mama because they are fun.

At a recent doctor appointment your pediatrician told me that she sees more parents come in with tears in their eyes between the age of two and a half and three. I see what she means. But with the bad there is still the good and your Dad and I will be trying to focus on those moments for the next 6 months.


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