I’m Roman


Dear Roman,
It’s hard to put into words how adorable it is to watch you use your imagination. Some days I find myself holding back making call after call to your dad at work to share how hilarious you are being. I definitely feel more than fortunate to be able to spend the days with you and capture each one of these moments.

What started as your pretend bird “Gaga” who sat perched on your arm has turned into a whole series of imaginary animals that come out to play. For example- if you see a dog on the street you’ll point it out to me and then tell me, “this is my pet dog it is okay to pet him” while holding your arm up to suggest the dog is sitting on your elbow. If I ask you what your dog’s name is you’ll say, “Gee Gee Gaga.” A cute cat in a book that gets your attention ends up as a pretend cat on your arm with a name of “Gaga Gee Ga” and again, “it is okay to pet him.” Even a worm you saw while weeding with Dad ended up coming back as the imaginary “Ga Gee Gee Ga” sitting on the usual spot on your arm. I end up pretending to pet all kinds of imaginary animals sitting on your arm.

Your favorite thing to play right now isn’t a specific toy it’s role play. All day long you act out scenarios where you pretend to be a drummer, a worker, a painter, even your dad at work. Pretty much anyone you see you will  pretend to be. We watched the little league baseball players warm up at the park across from our house and almost instantly you transformed yourself into a ball player. “Look Mama I hit my baseball” as you threw an invisible ball and swung an invisible bat.

In addition to the pretend/imaginary play you have had a lot of interest in memory games. So I’ve been asking you to remember where you put a certain toy or object and you have the best time trying to find it. I’ll say, “where did you put your golf ball” and you’ll reply, “oh I just saw it Mama” and then you’ll run around until you find it. Or tonight I asked you where the socks were that used to be on your feet and before you remembered exactly where they were (left on the floor in the office) you told me the whole sequence of events leading up to the removal of the socks, “first I was watching Diego and then I felt something on my toe and I took my socks off so I go get them now Mama.”

But my absolute favorite is a game you made up. When I call you a nickname like “Buddy” you’ll respond in the cutest voice ever, “I’m not Buddy I’m Roman.” Then you’ll say, “Mama” prompting me to reply with another nickname like, “Yes Sweetie” and you’ll say, “I’m not Sweetie I’m Roman.” On an on we can go until you put a little clever spin on the game by saying after five or six rounds, “I’m not Roman I’m Curious George” and I crack up and you think you are pretty funny!


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