Conversations from the car


Dear Roman,
The funniest thing happens when we are in the car… I overhear conversations you try and have with Charlotte.

Today this is what I heard-

You: Baby Charlotte we going to Turtle Park. You been there before?

Charlotte: silence.

You: we meeting Izzie, Brayden and Jen. You like them. they nice.

Charlotte: silence.

You: oh wow Baby Charlotte that was a big bump (as we drive over a speed bump).

Charlotte: silence.

You: now we going up a big hill Baby Charlotte.

Charlotte: silence.

You: oh look Baby Charlotte, there is my lunch box (on the floor of the car) that Judy and Courtney gave me. They give me pops too. You like pops?

Charlotte: silence.

You: talk Baby Charlotte… okay? TALK!


One Response to “Conversations from the car”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That is hilarious! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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