2 years 8 months


dear roman,
things are starting to settle down in your world. we are getting into a new groove and you are adjusting to our household of four. since charlotte entered the picture we have adjusted our routine. we started taking a morning walk and an afternoon walk. we have your friends over to play during the day and nana comes to play with you twice a week. dad is your buddy when he comes home from work. you guys watch baseball at the park, he gives you a bath and he’s started telling you stories in addition to reading the usual stack of books before lights out.

as your mom i have been amazed to watch how you have adjusted to your sister. you accepted her instantly. you put up with all her feedings and being held without too much acting out. you love her and want her around as though she has been apart of us since your existence. mostly your direct interaction consists of touching her head and saying, ‘awe she’s a good baby!’  since i’m always holding charlotte i’ve been forced to let you do more things for yourself like getting snacks, putting your clothes on etc. you are such a big boy and follow direction really well! i am so proud of you… 90% of the time…

the other 10% can be a bit challenging. we can’t tell if the behavior is because of all the change you’ve gone through or simply because you are two and a half. the big issues are that you are known to not listen, grab anything in sight even if it is off limits without asking first and you test us by throwing and hitting with intent. All behavior we aren’t used to from you. When I see you start to head down a negative path which is usually when I am nursing  Charlotte, I get you outside and quickly as possible. that always seems to work. Taking a walk or playing on the deck clears both of our heads.

things you are into at 2 yrs 8 mos-
baseball players, their outfits, you want to be one.
mickey mouse pancakes
lolly pops
curious george
hop scotch
pretend play-doctor, restaurant, baseball
playing with friends and declaring that they are your best friend
helping dad in the yard
making waffles with dad- every saturday
making muffins with mom- every tuesday
domino- the neighbor’s cat

we love you!


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