Conversations from bed


Dear Roman,

A lot of my favorite time with you is spent in our bed- Mama and Daddy’s bed as you call it. We’ve been known to cuddle together and eat breakfast in bed, watch a George episode, read books, tell stories, or just hang out. For some reason it’s usually the only place I can sneak in a few snuggles from you- a kid who usually won’t stop for or be bothered with too much mushy stuff like hugs and kisses.

Anyway this morning I was lying in bed watching Charlotte wake up. Then you came downstairs with your Dad and hopped in with me. You sat next to me staring at Charlotte who had her eyes wide open and was looking all around. We sat together watching her for several minutes, you compared your feet to hers. You touched her head and gave her a few kisses. Then you started talking to her and here’s what you said:

“Baby Charlotte, you are a really good baby. I have toys downstairs. When you get big you can play with them too. I share with you. Baby Charlotte you are my best friend.”

Now it’s fare to say that everyone is your best friend when you are feeling it. I’ve been called your best friend, so has dad, Izzie, Zoe, Miles, Nana, Mimi, Poppi, Pop, the neighbor, the neighbor’s cat… you get the idea. But still to hear you say such sweet things to Charlotte sent a huge smile across my face.


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