Right Natalie


Dear Roman,
you are such a character. any opportunity you get you are chatting it up with someone making friends and putting smiles on their faces. if you’re in the yard you talk across the fence to a neighbor. if we’re at a restaurant the waitress knows your name and what you want to eat in a matter of seconds. when we’re at the park you’ve introduced yourself and said “hi” to every kid there. you’ll even introduce me and Charlotte to them.

you want to be involved in every conversation i have these days.  if dad and i are talking you’ll say, “what are you talking about” and we have to explain our conversation and include you. this happens all of the time so it’s safe to say your dad and i haven’t had a one on one conversation in weeks. if i answer my phone you’ll ask, “who is it, who are you talking to, what are you talking about.”

“why” is another big question for you. “why” did that happen, “why” does that work, etc. or you want me to explain something again and again and again.

We hear you saying…

At the grocery store told to the checker, “we’re making muffins today.”  then you turned to me and said, “right Natalie.”

“I’m having my privacy go in the other room” directed toward me when you are about to pee in your diaper.

“I know, lets play baseball!” said with as much enthusiasm as possible and heard about 10,000 times a day.

“what do I have to eat?” then I give you a choice between two foods and you’ll say, “NO those are not my options!”


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