Of course you figured it out


Dear Roman,
You never give your dad or myself a break from figuring it all out so I suppose we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised at your latest development… climbing out of bed… again. The first time you tried this stunt was last July when you were barely 21 months. After a few weeks of attempting and failing to transition you to a toddler bed we purchased a sleep sack or ‘astronaut suit’ as we presented it to you. Every night we zipped you into your sack which kept your feet from monkeying their way out and you safe in your crib. Months later you figured out how to climb out of your crib WITH the sack still on! I can’t figure out how you did it, but after another unsuccessful attempt to transition you to a bed we invested in a crib tent or ‘space tent’ as we presented it to you. See a theme here?  You were thrilled with the tent and asked us to ‘zip it up’ every night. You seemed totally content until this week. You figured out how to unzip the tent allowing you the freedom you so want and seem not yet ready for. Except maybe this time you are. I mean after all if you are smart enough to unzip the tent (which was supposed to be toddler proof) maybe you should be sleeping in a big kid bed!

Which leads me to another idea… if you are old enough to pick out your own diapers off the shelf in the store and carry them to the checkout counter (true story) then perhaps you are capable of using the toilet. No pressure.  I’m just saying…


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