who is this child living in our house?


dear roman,
you are in this really interesting okay challenging phase right now. some days you remind me of the sweet boy we know and love and other days i’m left thinking who is this child? one moment you’ll be screaming at us to let you do it yourself wanting complete independence and the next you’ll be overreacting/crying and needing my comfort because of a small fall that couldn’t possibly have hurt.

we’re thinking of getting your hearing checked (kidding) because you seem to have a problem hearing your parents. all day long it’s the same requests- “roman please keep your feet on the floor, that means no climbing on furniture, roman i said don’t stand on the couch, roman you’re going to get hurt jumping off the side like that”… cut to you screaming because you got hurt standing/climbing/jumping when i asked you not to. your dad and i end up sounding like such… parents. ugh.

but the kicker is what you can say. we have to keep a sense of humor or our feelings could really get hurt. you and i were standing in line at the bank waiting our turn. it was completely silent and the room was full of people when out of nowhere you yell at me, “mama i’m going to hit you and kick you.”  mortified i tried to play it off by suggesting you meant you wanted to hit a baseball and kick a soccer ball, but you corrected me by repeating your statement a little bit louder. thanks buddy!


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