last day of school


dear roman,
today was the last day of preschool. the entire class i watched you with a huge lump in my throat. every monday for nearly two years you and i have gone to preschool together. for two hours i’d watch you interact with other kids, discover new projects, participate in group time and music sessions all with me by your side. your growth over the last year was remarkable. you started this school year as an independent player, a little hesitant to participate in group time and you wanted me within sight the entire class. you finished this school year with friends who you actually play/interact with and you get excited to participate in group sing a longs. you hardly acknowledge my presence as you go from one activity to the next. it’s been an experience i am grateful to have shared with you. but today was the finale. next fall for two hours twice a week you will be at preschool on your own. big kid style.  there will be a distance between us. i’ll be wondering what clever thing you said to another kid or what song you sang or what you ate for snack.  as i held back tears i realized once again how bittersweet it is watching you grow up.



One Response to “last day of school”

  1. Aunt Lindsay Says:

    How bittersweet all this growing up is, I agree! It really makes you appreciate all the little moments with them.

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