Two years nine months


Dear Roman,

You are a lot of fun lately. It’s a sweet spot in your development where your Dad and I say things like, ‘how’d we get so lucky.’ You really are a very good kid. Even through the challenging spots I still feel very grateful to be your mom. At two years and nine months I really love-

the way you are able to take direction.

how we can leave the house in under 5 minutes because the moment I announce it’s time to go you’re already at the door trying to put your shoes on. There’s never a battle getting out the door.

Your love for baseball and desire to be a ‘real life baseball player.’

Your crazy bed head hair every morning.

The way you take my hand and lead me when you want me to play with you.

Your super impressive problem solving skills.

The sparkle in your eye when you look at your sister.

Your enthusiasm for balls, sports, skateboards, parks, cupcakes and playing with your friends.

Your patience

How you still want me within close range at the park. You’ll play on your own or with friends but you check in with me frequently.

Just about everything that comes out of your mouth.


One Response to “Two years nine months”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Sounds like your having so much fun Natalie! You are such a great mom! I always new you would be!

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