Where’s Summer?


Dear Roman,
It’s June but it feels like November. Cool, rainy days that can put a damper on outdoor fun. Honestly you don’t care and are fine getting all wet, but your mom’s a wimp. You’ve learned that pouring rain means we don’t get to go to the park and meet friends. But you aren’t really an indoor kind of kid. You could take or leave most of your toys. The real fun for you comes from playing with balls, bikes, sticks and sand boxes. So I’ve started changing my thinking because I can’t bare to see you cooped up indoors. I sucked it up, put on a rain jacket and transformed myself into the quintessential Northwester. Rain or shine we’ve gone outside this week to throw around a baseball. You’ve had a blast taking walks in your rain boots holding an umbrella. After years of living in this state and constantly complaining about the grey clouds and drizzle, it took you to show me that the fun can still go on. I’ll admit it, getting wet isn’t all that bad. BUT I still prefer the warm sunshine in June!


One Response to “Where’s Summer?”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Way to put a positive spin on what has been a very long spring! It truly is hard for boys especially to stay inside – I send mine out anyway but thankfully now at 5 and 7 I don’t have to go too!

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