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Things We Love About You

July 20, 2010

Dear Roman,
With the bad comes the good. I’ve noticed this trend with you when you are going through a big milestone moment. Sure enough last week was the peak of challenges and this week you are the sweet boy we know so well.

Things we love about you:

I can’t believe it, but you have really changed your thinking about food. I am so proud of you for trying new things lately and for the first time in forever I can honestly say you’ve eaten real meals all week.

I love the amazingly cool and creative things you build with your duplo legos like rocket ships, cities and castles. It’s the best to see your imagination soar. Plus your dad and I are secretly excited about your newfound interest since we both loved playing with legos when we were kids.

The way you ask where your sister is if she isn’t in the same room as you. Charlotte’s only been around for 3 months and already she’s become a security for you. Thanks for letting her into our “inner circle” so quickly.

Your enthusiasm for anything that interests you.

Your love for your stuffed animals. Right now the favorite is a raccoon hand puppet that is “stuck” or sewn into a garbage can. You named him Rocky. Hilarious to watch you try to snuggle up to him every night.

When you ask me at the end of the day, “what did you do today mom?” As if I did something different than you.

I love when you ask me to tell you a story and I love coming up with them. The plots are totally different from anything that would have interested me as a child. I come up with adventure stories that consist of you saving animals and bringing them back to their moms. You love an animal in distress and you adore being the hero.

Makes me smile every time I hear you pronounce milk “nilk.”

Your love for music and instruments.

How you fly around the house pretending to be super heros and astronauts.

From Afar

July 19, 2010

Dear Roman,
All day every day I am physically close to you. Down on your level talking and playing, sitting with you while you eat, laying with you reading books before a nap. So it’s hard to put into words what it’s like to watch you from afar. Surreal maybe. An opportunity to gain a little perspective perhaps.

Tonight was one of those rare moments. I was lying in bed feeding Charlotte gazing out the open window. I saw your dad riding his bike along the sidewalk and I saw you on your bike trailing a few feet behind. As you approached the house I heard you say in the most casual sort of way, ‘oh boy, well that was a long bike ride.’

That’s when I realized somewhere along the course of the last year you became a boy. A kid who loves and wants to be just like his dad and who is fully capable of keeping up with his old man on a bike ride. You even make small talk. I’ve just been too busy raising you to notice.

2 years 10 months

July 12, 2010

Dear Roman,
At  2 years 10 months you are struggling with saying goodbye to your world as a toddler and stepping into a new exciting world as a big kid. You so badly want to be a big boy and all that it entails…

like saying goodbye to your booster seat- you only want to sit and eat your meals in a chair exactly as we do. totally fine except for the fact that you can’t sit still. so breakfast time now lasts for like 5 minutes, lunch and dinner are practically nonexistent  because you shift all around and get on and off the chair a billion times.  You’re still super, duper  particular with food. It’s your way of feeling in control and as your parents we continue to offer up selections that you reject on a daily basis. The only fruit you’ll touch are apples or pears, you won’t go near vegetables, no to meat, eggs, not much cheese some bread if it doesn’t have any specs or grains in it. You’ve even started passing on muffins and pastries if they have an ounce of fruit in them. It’s ridiculous.

no more crib- we finally successfully transitioned you to a twin size bed and when all was said and done it only took the better part of a year! no joke! just about a year to the day we first attempted a bed without bars you finally slept a full night on your own on a twin mattress. we prepared you for this big step by roll playing- you would pretend to wake up in the morning and I’d remind you how NOT to get out of bed, but to call for mom or dad. this seemed to work and you have pretty much settled in to your new sleep situation. when i check on you i can’t believe how old you look all spread out with a real pillow and covers twisted around your body. it seems silly that weeks before you were sleeping in a crib.

umbrella stroller is collecting dust- i can’t remember the last time i used a stroller when we were out. this was something i fought forever because it was so convenient to zip through the grocery store or boutique with you strapped in, but you have totally impressed me by walking beside me, keeping your hands (for the most part) to yourself and staying focused. Time spent in a stroller is now used exclusively for our daily walks.

With all the changes and big leaps toward independence there have been lots of tears, breakdowns and power struggles too. Each time you soar ahead there is some regression to follow- tears, screams and tantrums that make for very challenging days. Roman, I’ve spent many nights lying awake thinking about how I can better help you through this important and difficult time. You and I deal with situations completely differently- I want to talk through them and you well not so much. So I’m trying to figure it all out.  I just hope I get a clue soon because we have some more big hurdles in the coming months- potty training, eliminating the pacifier and starting preschool!


July 8, 2010

Dear Roman,

At last summer is here. I was sure we were going to be spending the season indoors cooped up and complaining, but like a light switch summer turned on in a major way. Today was 90 degrees and we don’t have air conditioning so that feels pretty hot! You kept cool in the backyard playing in the pool with your friends Izzie and Nicholas and I finally watched you get to enjoy our new yard in proper fashion. This afternoon we escaped the heat and headed to the basement (playroom) where it was almost freezing and you curled up and watched your very first movie- Curious George. You loved it!

You just told me before going to bed, “I miss my friends can we play in the pool tomorrow too.” I have a feeling there are going to be many opportunities to do just that in the coming weeks.

4th of July Parade

July 4, 2010

Dear Roman,

You participated for the third year in the neighborhood 4th of July parade and had a blast. First you got to zoom around on your bike and have crowds of people point at you because you resemble a wind up character all cute and zippy. Then you hung out with your friends and watched the parade while licking lolly pops. A marching band went by and since drummers are your favorite you were in pure bliss. Plus you had both sets of grandparents there to enjoy it all with.

Pretty much the perfect day.