From Afar


Dear Roman,
All day every day I am physically close to you. Down on your level talking and playing, sitting with you while you eat, laying with you reading books before a nap. So it’s hard to put into words what it’s like to watch you from afar. Surreal maybe. An opportunity to gain a little perspective perhaps.

Tonight was one of those rare moments. I was lying in bed feeding Charlotte gazing out the open window. I saw your dad riding his bike along the sidewalk and I saw you on your bike trailing a few feet behind. As you approached the house I heard you say in the most casual sort of way, ‘oh boy, well that was a long bike ride.’

That’s when I realized somewhere along the course of the last year you became a boy. A kid who loves and wants to be just like his dad and who is fully capable of keeping up with his old man on a bike ride. You even make small talk. I’ve just been too busy raising you to notice.


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