Things We Love About You


Dear Roman,
With the bad comes the good. I’ve noticed this trend with you when you are going through a big milestone moment. Sure enough last week was the peak of challenges and this week you are the sweet boy we know so well.

Things we love about you:

I can’t believe it, but you have really changed your thinking about food. I am so proud of you for trying new things lately and for the first time in forever I can honestly say you’ve eaten real meals all week.

I love the amazingly cool and creative things you build with your duplo legos like rocket ships, cities and castles. It’s the best to see your imagination soar. Plus your dad and I are secretly excited about your newfound interest since we both loved playing with legos when we were kids.

The way you ask where your sister is if she isn’t in the same room as you. Charlotte’s only been around for 3 months and already she’s become a security for you. Thanks for letting her into our “inner circle” so quickly.

Your enthusiasm for anything that interests you.

Your love for your stuffed animals. Right now the favorite is a raccoon hand puppet that is “stuck” or sewn into a garbage can. You named him Rocky. Hilarious to watch you try to snuggle up to him every night.

When you ask me at the end of the day, “what did you do today mom?” As if I did something different than you.

I love when you ask me to tell you a story and I love coming up with them. The plots are totally different from anything that would have interested me as a child. I come up with adventure stories that consist of you saving animals and bringing them back to their moms. You love an animal in distress and you adore being the hero.

Makes me smile every time I hear you pronounce milk “nilk.”

Your love for music and instruments.

How you fly around the house pretending to be super heros and astronauts.


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