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August 25, 2010

Dear Roman,

Today was the second or third day in a row that you haven’t really taken a nap. Something I would have panicked about a few months ago, but right now in this moment it seems okay. It kind of feels right. Part of your transition to kid. What’s interesting is that on the day you skipped your nap Charlotte decided to take a three hour one in her crib and has done so every day since. So you stopped and she started. It’s perfect timing because while she snoozes you and I play and we get coveted quality time together.

I’m watching you sitting on a chair eating a whole apple (a “big apple” as you like to say) taking a break from our play outside. I’m soaking up every last moment of our summer together because in a few weeks you’ll start preschool and I’ll have less time with you. Who knows you may even start napping again.

I never would have thought that I’d feel sort of sad about that.


Almost Three

August 16, 2010

Dear Roman,
These last days of summer and last moments as a two year old are flying by faster than one of the rocket ships you dream about. You’re a boy with quite the imagination who thinks he is an astronaut super hero. You are all about bikes and scooters, legos and cars. You still love music, instruments and putting on concerts. You are fascinated with monsters, terrified of dinosaurs and have a soft spot for your pacifier and “tag” (blanket) when you sleep.

Shoes. A big boy puts his shoes on all by himself… but you’re still working on left and right so you walk around a lot with your shoes on the wrong feet. It looks pretty cute.

Tell me a story. You are still obsessed with stories. Morning stories, lunch stories, bedtime stories you could listen all day to make believe scenarios where you’re the super hero flying in a rocket to the moon.

You’ll say, “watch this Mom” and then you contort yourself into a position that’s a cross between a yoga, break dancing, acrobatics move. You’re totally serious about your moves and I clap and act like I’ve just been to a super show.

You genuinely care for “Baby Charlotte” as you call her. You talk to her as though she can talk back which usually prompts me to just answer for her in a baby voice. Slightly dysfunctional perhaps, but it totally works. you’ll hand Charlotte a toy to play with. You run past her while you’re playing then stop to kiss her forehead. You always say “good morning” to her and she loves you back. I watch her eyes light up when you enter a room. You entertain her and mesmerize her in every way. The two of you are going to make a good team i think.

The other morning we were all eating breakfast talking about what was and was not an “animal.”  Your dad was listing off various things (animals vs. reptiles, etc.) and you would say if they were or were not animals. You’d correct him about dogs and cats not being “animals” instead, “they are pets Daddy.” Then your Dad explained what a human was so the rest of the day you ran around yelling, “I’m a human.”

We had planned to potty train last week- boot camp style. no more diapers, only underwear. We even picked out a ton of super hero briefs, got a portable potty to use while out and then you got a stomach virus. A bad one. So we are putting training on hold until you get well.

You are all messed up with your sleeping since we switched to the big boy bed. We were concerned this was going to happen and sure enough you’re all about getting up over and over again at night. sometimes you can draw out your bedtime routine for hours as you continue to get out of bed after being tucked in. After a late night you’ll get up at the crack of dawn and stand at the top of the stairs yelling for us. These early wake up calls have your dad and i getting little sleep once again. Thanks buddy!

Even though we’re back to not sleeping, we’re dealing with your emotional roller coasters and exhausting ourselves with make believe play we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We love our little human.

Things You Say

August 7, 2010

Dear Roman,
Here’s a quick list of some things you said last week during your last month as a two year old:

I was getting out of the shower and my hair was down, not in the usual pulled back ponytail you’re used to. You studied me very closely then said, “Mommy you look like a princess.”

“Well I was wondering” is how you start most requests these days. “Well I was wondering do you want to go play with me?” Or “Well I was wondering if you would tell me a story.” Makes it really hard to say no to you.

I told you to close your eyes and go to sleep and you replied, “but when I close my eyes it gets dark and I can’t see.”

“Mom I was wondering have you ever met a baby dinosaur?”

You really want to be an astronaut when you grow up. Sometimes an “astronaut drummer.” You want to know all details about your profession- attire, job responsibilities, etc. Most of all you’ll ask over and over again “so where will I keep my shuttle Mom?” And I tell you, “Florida.”

At the end of lunch you tossed a piece of bagel and cream cheese over the side of the table and watched it splat onto the floor. When I looked at you with disappointment you said with a sigh, ” Well I think it’s time for me to take a nap.”

You scribble on a piece of paper, hand it to me and say, “here’s an email.”