Things You Say


Dear Roman,
Here’s a quick list of some things you said last week during your last month as a two year old:

I was getting out of the shower and my hair was down, not in the usual pulled back ponytail you’re used to. You studied me very closely then said, “Mommy you look like a princess.”

“Well I was wondering” is how you start most requests these days. “Well I was wondering do you want to go play with me?” Or “Well I was wondering if you would tell me a story.” Makes it really hard to say no to you.

I told you to close your eyes and go to sleep and you replied, “but when I close my eyes it gets dark and I can’t see.”

“Mom I was wondering have you ever met a baby dinosaur?”

You really want to be an astronaut when you grow up. Sometimes an “astronaut drummer.” You want to know all details about your profession- attire, job responsibilities, etc. Most of all you’ll ask over and over again “so where will I keep my shuttle Mom?” And I tell you, “Florida.”

At the end of lunch you tossed a piece of bagel and cream cheese over the side of the table and watched it splat onto the floor. When I looked at you with disappointment you said with a sigh, ” Well I think it’s time for me to take a nap.”

You scribble on a piece of paper, hand it to me and say, “here’s an email.”


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