Dear Roman,

Today was the second or third day in a row that you haven’t really taken a nap. Something I would have panicked about a few months ago, but right now in this moment it seems okay. It kind of feels right. Part of your transition to kid. What’s interesting is that on the day you skipped your nap Charlotte decided to take a three hour one in her crib and has done so every day since. So you stopped and she started. It’s perfect timing because while she snoozes you and I play and we get coveted quality time together.

I’m watching you sitting on a chair eating a whole apple (a “big apple” as you like to say) taking a break from our play outside. I’m soaking up every last moment of our summer together because in a few weeks you’ll start preschool and I’ll have less time with you. Who knows you may even start napping again.

I never would have thought that I’d feel sort of sad about that.


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