Today You Are Three


Dear Roman,
Never ever would I have believed you’d be turning 3 so quickly. Time has sure flown by faster than you can run around the house pretending to be a super hero. Reality is you are an independent boy who has made huge leaps over the last year.

On your second birthday you were still reserving your vocabulary for have to situations. I swear you only talked when you absolutely had to. I was constantly saying ridiculous things like “use your words” but by Christmas you were saying words like “astronaut” and by January you were carrying on full conversations. Now you don’t stop talking. You speak your mind and tell us exactly what you do and don’t want.

You’ve gone from a cute little chubby toddler with round cheeks all soft and cuddly to a lean boy with definition and a rock hard stomach. And forget cuddling you don’t have time for that… not that you ever really did.

You survived a move to our new house, transitioned to a big kid bed, became a big brother, learned how to ride a balance bike. You can skip, jump, hop on one foot and you entertain us with your crazy acrobatic moves all day long. You have zero interest in sitting for anything like learning the alphabet or coloring, but you can tell me all about the planets or pick up any instrument and play it like you’ve taken lessons for years.

So Happy Birthday to my astronaut/super hero/scuba diver boy. You’ve sure kept us on our toes and something tells me we’d better buckle up for another wild ride that you’re about to take us on as a three year old.


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