Potty Talk


Dear Roman,
Over this past Labor Day weekend your Dad and I decided it was time to say goodbye to diapers. We waited and waited for “the perfect time” to tackle this milestone. We watched for signs from you, we’d talk about big boy underpants and how big kids use the potty. We put the concept in your brain with the hopes that you’d initiate something. With nothing but complete contentment from you in a diaper your Dad and I made the decision for you. You turned three and it was time.

Dragging your feet, kicking and screaming (sometimes literally) you’ve transitioned from diapers to underpants. You weren’t enticed by cool super hero underpants and you could care less about getting rid of your diapers. I feel like psycho mom on top of you all day long watching every move you make to see if you’re thinking about peeing, starting to pee or actually peeing. Seriously. You can’t stand my constant reminders and I usually have to battle you to sit and pee.

Getting you to the potty takes a ridiculous amount of effort with you screaming at me that you don’t have to go and me telling you that you just have to try. Finally I literally wrestle you to the bathroom and sure enough you go pee despite your insisting you didn’t have to. You can’t get off the toilet fast enough and back to what you were playing. Because God forbid you miss out on something.

Twice you’ve purposely peed your pants when I’m nursing Charlotte. Late in the day when you have little coping skills left, I’ll sit down to feed Charlotte and you’ll pee in your room with the hopes that I’ll stop feeding her and go give your action attention. Surprisingly you’ve actually had very few pee accidents (mainly because I am forcing you to go all the time) but too many messy poop accidents. I won’t go into details just saying that I’m so over cleaning up and it’s not fare that your Dad gets to conveniently be at work when accidents occur.

This whole transition is so telling of your personality. My strong willed little boy. You hate that you weren’t in complete control of the decision to potty train. You’re not fond of change when it directly involves you and it’s going to take some time for you to get used to the new way of life.  And I thought weaning you was tough! Nothing compared to this. Single most challenging phase of parenting Mr. Roman so far.


One Response to “Potty Talk”

  1. Mom Says:

    uh oh. So I have this to look forward to too? I’m dreading it! he sounds like Henry…stubborn but cute as a button! Good luck!

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