A Letter From The Teacher


Dear Roman,

You are LOVING preschool! The look on your face and the confidence in your stride show me there is no place you’d rather be every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  I emailed your teacher the other day to check in- you know to just to make sure you were behaving… wink wink. Here’s how she responded:

Hi Natalie,

Good to hear from you! I know talking at pick up time is difficult because it is
so busy. I know how it feels – I was so anxious when
I sent my son Henry off to preschool without me for the first time.
Roman is doing great! He is so confident and independent. He loved playing
astronaut today and pretending to land on the moon!
He is doing well at following the daily school schedule and being kind to others.
In a nut shell he is a pure pleasure! I am so glad he loves school! He seems to have a big
heart and eager to explore and make friends.
If you have any other questions call or write any time.
Take care,

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