Dear Roman,

All week long I’ve been hearing from teachers, other moms, strangers on the street, “your son is SO cute!”

HA! If they only knew!

But I’ll admit you are on a (very needed) positive, cooperative, charming and witty streak. The things coming out of your mouth are so sweet I’ve wondered if the real you has been abducted and replaced by one of the aliens you talk about in your stories. Your overflowing affection and affirmations have been primarily directed at your sister. “Charlottey” as you’ve nicknamed her is hearing stuff like, “oh how I love you SOOOOOOOO much” and “I’m so glad we got you” all day long. You smother her in kisses and she hugs your head. It’s all too cute I can’t stand it.


One Response to “Charlottey”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That is so sweet! You are very fortunate, Roman is a special boy. I am glad to hear you had a good week – we Moms need those every now and again!

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