Happy Halloween


Dear Roman,

Another successful Halloween to write about. This year you had big opinions on what you wanted to be. Every costume catalog that came in the mail was like gold to you. I’d watch you flip through them over and over until the pages were all worn and beat up. You’d point to every super hero/Star Wars character and ask me to tell you everything I knew about them… which wasn’t a lot, sorry buddy. So you figured out who the credible source in our house was- Dad. He told you all about Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars characters and you were glued to every word he spoke. The decision was made early on- you HAD to be a superhero for Halloween.

Halloween night was a blast. Your Dad and I took you, aka Batman, out trick or treating on a street by our house. After two houses you turned to us and said, “you wait on the sidewalk I’ll go up by myself.” So we watched our little Dark Night maneuver walkways and steps all by yourself. You rang each and every doorbell and said all the appropriate things- “trick or treat” then “thank you” and finished with a “Happy Halloween.” That was your idea. You scored a ton of candy much to your delight, but mostly I think you loved pretending to be a superhero and interacting with the homeowners.

You were pretty darn cute Mr. Roman… I mean Batman.


Mom and Dad


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