Dear Roman,
When you were about a year old I bought you your first box of crayons. I couldn’t wait any longer to introduce you to my favorite childhood pass time- coloring. I had visions of watching you create masterpieces. I figured you’d draw for hours and get lost in your own creativity. But when presented with the box of Crayolas you were more interested in eating them. That was to be expected after all you were pretty much still a baby. So I put them away and  tried again when you were about 18 months. You’d scribble some color on your easel for about a second and run off with crayon in hand. You couldn’t sit still for anything so again I backed off.  I enrolled you in an art class which was a disaster. You hated sitting, tried to put everything in your mouth and I ended up doing all of your projects. When you turned two years old and had about as much interest in art as you did in eating vegetables I came to see reality. You obviously weren’t into this creative medium I was pushing it on you. The easel was collecting dust and your crayons were only entertaining when you got them out to rip off the labels. I’ll admit I was sad for about a second, but I saw your love for music and got on board. Music classes, instruments, concerts- I loved it all as much as you did/do. So this was going to be your creative medium I thought. Great with us as long as you had one.

Roman, life is really funny sometimes and things happen when you least expect them to. Like how all of a sudden at the age of three, out of nowhere you’re… COLORING! A lot. All day long you’ll say to me, “want to color with me?” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. In the morning after breakfast you go get your crayons out and color in your favorite robot coloring book. After nap you color again. After dinner and before bath we sit together and draw all kinds of things. And you’re good! You color mostly with your left hand and you look with concentration when trying to color in the lines. Sometimes you’ll say you’re writing your name or writing an “email” and you like to draw faces, people, rockets and clouds. And you LOVE displaying your art on the frig. Your cubby at school is always full of painted projects that you worked on. As your mom I’m constantly wondering what goes through your head or I wonder how you see the world and your pictures are like little glimpses for me.

Maybe it’s your age, maybe your attention span is growing, maybe it’s the influence of preschool. I don’t know why all of a sudden you’re interested. It is such a gift to your parents to be able to watch you create. Who knows, maybe next week you’ll totally be over art so for now I’m soaking it up. When you ask, “want to color Mom” I’m right there with a great big, “YES!”


One Response to “Art”

  1. Mom Says:

    Natalie, this is so funny to read because I’m exactly the same way! I bought crayons almost as soon as Henry could sit up. I knew he wasn’t ready, but I loved the actual art supplies almost as much as I loved coloring. I have every possible washable crayon, marker and paint for Henry. It’s just recently that he isn’t eating the crayons, he’s actually scribbling. We are far from coloring books and all of that, but I can’t wait! Whenever I’m in the store I also drool at the play doh…I so want him to be old enough to play with play doh so I have an excuse to do it! I just love all the cool art supplies they have for kids now, way more than what I had when I was a kid. I used to sit for hours and hours reading and coloring and sculpting…I’m so curious to see what Henry’s thing will be. I’m happy with whatever but it would be extra fun if he liked being creative.
    Have fun with Roman!

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