Things You Say


Dear Roman,
You are on a non stop, talk a mile a minute talking streak. All day long and sometimes you talk so fast that I’m the only person who can understand you! Some things you’ve said this week-

Oh Jesus we’re out of tape.

You heard about Star Wars?

See this ouch on my leg. It has to heal.

We’re a good team Mom.

What the heck?

I feel like reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

Walking down the street you spotted a big kid (alone) riding a bike and said, where’s his mommy?

Wanna see me do a trick? It’s gonna be really cool.

I told my teachers at school they need to buy some capes so we all can play super heroes.

Listening to NPR in the car you said to me, turn that up! they’re talking about money.

speaking to Mimi, Mimi did you know I like pizza now and mac and cheese!

Did you know super hero pirates don’t wear capes.


*Note the new haircut in the photo. You wanted “hair like Dad’s” so Dad shaved off your curls. Sniff sniff. I was NOT okay with it. I was sick to my stomach for days every time I looked at you. Of course I never let on and for all you knew I thought you looked just like Dad. For the record I miss my curly haired boy and can’t wait for your hair to grow back.

You’re hanging with your best friend Izzie, eating a “mini doughnut” at Starbucks. The two of you shared a seat together as well as a snack after we spent the morning on a one mile hike/trail with all your buddies from school. You are all about your friends from school- Nicholas, Bodhi, Sawyer and Izzie. It was really cute to watch the five of you give each other hugs, hold hands, chase, run, play, carry on conversations while you all trekked through wet lands.


One Response to “Things You Say”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That was an awesome post – made me laugh out loud! Love it! My favorite is ‘Jesus, we’re out of tape’ and ‘I feel like reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of hot cocoa’…seriously hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

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