Dear Roman,
Thanksgiving is this week and my thoughts have turned to ones of gratitude. Of course I’m grateful for all the obvious- health, family, food, etc. and often I get an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for this life we are living. But the upcoming holiday has me thinking about the little moments I’m thankful for as well.

Today you and I were making chocolate cupcakes. Charlotte was napping and I was soaking up my one on one time with you. As I poured batter into the cupcake wrappers I overheard you at the other side of the counter with your bag of marshmallows for decoration. Carefully counting out each marshmallow, “this one will be for Mama and this one for Dad and this one for me and this one for Charlotte for when she’s old enough to eat a cupcake.” Then I watched as you sorted and moved marshmallows around on the counter with intense concentration on your face. When I asked you what you were doing this is what you said, “oh I’m planning out how I’m going to decorate the cupcakes. See this is going to be Zinger (a character in your Super Hero ABC book) here is his mouth and this is going to be his mask.” I stopped what I was doing and walked over to get a better look. Sure enough you had created Zinger out of marshmallows. A bit abstract, but still.

Thank you for being YOU!



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