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Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2010

Dear Roman,
Merry Christmas! What a Christmas it was- we did something festive every weekend since Thanksgiving.
First it was picking out our Christmas tree which you loved decorating. Plus you did an amazing job of being super careful. No broken ornaments to report!

Then there was the trip to see all the decorated gingerbread houses at a hotel in Seattle. We got inspired and made one of our own. You mostly ate the candy before it made it to the house.

We took a trip to the Teddy Bear Room which is basically a room at the Fairmont Hotel downtown that is decorated from head to toe with teddy bears. Honestly not your cup of tea, but they give out candy canes at the end and you LOVE a candy cane.

We saw a holiday concert at the symphony and you sat completely mesmerized by the production.

You checked out the model train display at Seattle Center and saw the Christmas ships come sailing in on Lake Washington.

You sat on Santa’s lap for the first time without losing it. I think you got up the courage to face your fear because you happened to be dressed as Batman that day. It was a successful mission as Santa guessed exactly what you wanted for Christmas- a Batmobile! How’d he know that?

You decorated cookies at Mimi’s cookie party and at your best friend Izzie’s.

Hands down your all time favorite holiday event is Snowflake Lane. The streets of downtown Bellevue turn into a winter wonderland with fake snow, drummers singing and marching and characters like Rudolph and Frosty hand out lolly pops. You’ve been going since your first Christmas and last year while at the show we discovered your love (some say obsession) for the drummers who march by in a line playing Christmas tunes on their drums. This year they didn’t disappoint. One visit you actually got invited to hang out with some of the band members and watch them up close as they played. A drummer handed you a tambourine as to suggest you join in. You scored massive amounts of lolly pops from them and you reenacted the whole event for days. You were already marching around our house yelling “Snowflake Lane” all day long, but that night fueled your passion. You even got Charlotte loving your productions.

Christmas was magical for you. Santa came and brought you your much anticipated Batmobile. In addition you also seemed to really enjoy a plastic Space Station and a cardboard castle.Your sister hooked you up with a super hero costume set which you LOVE. You were thrilled to open a guitar that Nana and Poppi gave you and a keyboard from Mimi and Pop. The best part was that you really took your time opening gifts and played with a toy for awhile before moving on to the next package. This year ‘s gift giving seemed paced and relaxed.

December really was more about fun rituals then it was about looking forward to toys. Now that Christmas is over you have to go through the painful withdrawal that is January. No daily advent calendar chocolates, no more sparkly lights on houses or Christmas tunes on the radio. No more looking for Elf on the Shelf every morning. When you realized the holiday was coming to an end you got really upset. I talked to you about how it is sad when good things end, but how there’s always more to look forward to. Like Dad’s birthday and Charlotte’s and Easter and so on…. this afternoon I overheard a pretend phone conversation you were having with Santa that went like this-

“Did you know we have to say goodbye to Elfie (your name for Elf on the Shelf) tonight? I’m going to be so sad. But tomorrow it will be Dad’s birthday and Charlotte’s birthday and my birthday and Halloween and then it will be CHRISTMAS AGAIN!”



December 16, 2010

Dear Roman,

I dropped you off at school today in a sleep deprived haze (Dad is still out of town and nobody is sleeping at night) for your last class before Christmas break. Figuring you were in much better hands at school than hanging with the exhausted mama at home I said a quick goodbye and left with Charlotte in hand. Back at home I realized I had forgotten to hand you your backpack which contained your coat. If you went outside to play you were going to be super cold. Oops. Plus I had forgotten to send you with a Christmas gift for your teachers and if it weren’t for the reminder from a friend’s mom I wouldn’t have remembered I had forgotten. I couldn’t remember what I fed you for breakfast or when you went to the bathroom last and I was pretty sure I had sent you to school with some type of sticky coating on your face. Probably from a candy cane.

But everything got better when I picked you up 2 hours later. I walked up your school steps to see you playing outside wearing a bright red, over-sized coat. You greeted me talking a mile a minute, “Mama Mama we played with REAL snow today and there were snow mobiles and we sang Rudolph and had nachos for snack! Nachos! Did you know that I like nachos? They are chips and cheese. The snow was so cold so I didn’t want to touch it, but I did like playing with the snowmobiles. Did you know Izzie doesn’t like cheese?” When I asked you whose coat you were wearing you said very nonchalantly, “oh this is for kids who don’t have coats.” At least you didn’t seem to care and I just had to laugh.

In your cubby there was a present you had made for me- a decorated gift bag that had a hand painted (by you) picture frame with a photo of you taken in class. You were so proud and I was brought to tears. All the flaws and imperfections this week contained immediately held no value when I looked at that photo of my smiling boy holding a drum. I love you!

When Dad is Gone

December 14, 2010

Dear Roman,

It seems like each time your Dad leaves on a business trip something major happens. This unfortunate trend started when you were 3 months old and had a bad reaction to a vaccine. I was alone and terrified with a screaming baby. Little did I know it was just the beginning. He travels on a regular basis and every single time he leaves something happens- colds caught, ear infections, stomach flu, chimney leaks, water damage… you name it it has happened. So I’ve learned to dread each trip he takes and you just end up falling apart- irritable by day and unable to sleep at night. Sure enough while Dad is currently in Montreal you’re enduring a cold complete with stuffy nose and cough. But it seems like this business trip we had to up the ante because…

Over the weekend there was a crazy rain storm that managed to turn our little house into what felt like a sinking house boat. The basement AKA your playroom had an inch of standing water covering the floor. And of course it happened the day before your Dad was set to board a plane. From your point of view it meant you’d been kicked out of your fun room until we could put it back together again. Understandably you’re a little upset and you don’t understand why there’s not a superhero we can call to make it all better.

Then last night another storm came through bringing heavy rain, loud thunder, lightning and knocked out our power for a bit. You and your sister were awakened by the weather and I was awakened by both of your cries. I stumbled up the dark stairs to help you first tucking you back into bed and from the glow of your turtle nightlight I saw the terrified look on your face. I told you everything was okay and had to run down the hall to calm your sister down. After and hour I finally succeeded at getting Charlotte to fall back to sleep. I crept back into your room to check on you once more before I crawled into my bed. There you were, still awake lying under your sheets. I scooted next to you and held your hand. I know you must have been super scared with the power out, Dad gone, pouring rain and a sister screaming. I whispered to you that you were being very brave. Just like Rocket Man. And with that you turned over and fell asleep.

If only it were that easy for me to fall to sleep.

santa vs. batman

December 1, 2010