Dear Roman,

I dropped you off at school today in a sleep deprived haze (Dad is still out of town and nobody is sleeping at night) for your last class before Christmas break. Figuring you were in much better hands at school than hanging with the exhausted mama at home I said a quick goodbye and left with Charlotte in hand. Back at home I realized I had forgotten to hand you your backpack which contained your coat. If you went outside to play you were going to be super cold. Oops. Plus I had forgotten to send you with a Christmas gift for your teachers and if it weren’t for the reminder from a friend’s mom I wouldn’t have remembered I had forgotten. I couldn’t remember what I fed you for breakfast or when you went to the bathroom last and I was pretty sure I had sent you to school with some type of sticky coating on your face. Probably from a candy cane.

But everything got better when I picked you up 2 hours later. I walked up your school steps to see you playing outside wearing a bright red, over-sized coat. You greeted me talking a mile a minute, “Mama Mama we played with REAL snow today and there were snow mobiles and we sang Rudolph and had nachos for snack! Nachos! Did you know that I like nachos? They are chips and cheese. The snow was so cold so I didn’t want to touch it, but I did like playing with the snowmobiles. Did you know Izzie doesn’t like cheese?” When I asked you whose coat you were wearing you said very nonchalantly, “oh this is for kids who don’t have coats.” At least you didn’t seem to care and I just had to laugh.

In your cubby there was a present you had made for me- a decorated gift bag that had a hand painted (by you) picture frame with a photo of you taken in class. You were so proud and I was brought to tears. All the flaws and imperfections this week contained immediately held no value when I looked at that photo of my smiling boy holding a drum. I love you!


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