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January 27, 2011

Dear Roman,

Today you sounded out and read your first word! I really can’t believe it because it wasn’t long ago that you had zero interest in letters altogether. It took ages to get you to sing the ABC song. During the day when you’d start to act bored I would say random words and ask you what they started with which always succeeded in completely annoying you. But recently a switch turned on. You started pointing out letters in books and on signs. I would hear you reciting the sound that a letter makes. Mostly you’ve had a huge interest in being able to read books on your own. Flipping through book after book saying, “I wish I could read this book. ” Knowing that you could sound out letters I wrote the word CAT on a piece of paper today and put it in front of you. I asked you to tell me what each letter was, then told you to sound them out. It took you a minute and then you realized you were saying CAT. Roman, the look on your face when you discovered you could read was priceless! After that revelation we went through book after book looking for the word “cat” so you could read it again and again. So proud of yourself you called Dad, Nana and Mimi to read for them too. I’ve decided since you have finally found interest in this whole ABC thing that I’m going to have a word of the day, something for you to sound out and read every morning.

Tomorrow’s word… BAT! Ha! It’s a start!



January 26, 2011

Dear Roman,
Ever since you could sit up you’ve had a love for balls and it seemed like the only toy you had interest in had to be round. So at last you’ve started taking soccer lessons. It’s a big departure from the music classes and tumbling classes you’re used to attending. There’s lots more structure, following direction and paying attention to the coaches. There’s no way you would have been ready for something like this when you were younger, but now it feels right and you are loving every second of class. You think your coaches are the coolest people ever. I catch you trying to mimic the behavior of the guy coach. When he pushes his sleeves up you do too. Doesn’t matter to you that your jersey is short sleeve. During circle time you sit right next to the girl coach and put your hand on her leg. She likes you too. You really love to kick the ball hard and score goals. The other parts of class where you’re told to dribble the ball and practice techniques challenge your attention span and discipline, but you hang in there. In fact you last longer than any other kid in the class. There isn’t much actual game playing at the level you’re at, but there’s lots of action and you’re worn out after 45 minutes. I may be bias, but I think you’re actually a pretty good soccer player!

Mr. Independent

January 26, 2011

Dear Roman,

The last week you’ve become so independent and self sufficient I hardly recognize you. I can’t tell you how great it is to see you this way and to NOT hear your constant demands. The problem was that I knew you were perfectly capable of fulfilling your requests and I was starting to feel like your handy servant and less like the Mama. I love you and all, but some days I was so over hearing  “Mom… can you get me…” But true to how you do things one day you woke up a changed boy. Just like that and now I’m left getting used to the reality of watching you walk by with some random snack food in your hand- like grapes that I know I didn’t provide you with- which means you helped yourself to them in the frig. Or hearing the toilet flush in the morning after you’ve totally gone to the bathroom on your own. You ask for privacy in your bedroom when you get dressed. Clothes are always on backwards so I have to assist, but still the effort is applauded. The biggest advancement is that you’re playing on your own! Your Dad and I thought it would never happen, but one morning while we were laying in bed you got tired of waiting for us to get up and decided to head downstairs to the playroom. On your way down you yelled out to me, “Mom if you need me for anything just call. Oh and if Charlotte needs anything I’ll help her. Like if you need a diaper for her.” You were down there for at least 20 minutes. No joke. Since then every day you’ve decided to escape and play on your own for a bit. This sounds crazy (because I wished and wished for you to play independently for ages) but I am actually kind of missing you. Your sister is too. She goes to the closed playroom door and cries like a little puppy and you love feeling wanted.

3 Years 4 Months

January 16, 2011

Dear Roman,
I’ve noticed over the last month how easy our daily routine has become. You’re so self sufficient picking out your own clothes, dressing yourself, getting snacks and water for yourself. You can totally go to the bathroom without assistance and even wash your hands after meals. You can strap yourself into your carseat and you listen to me when we’re out so I never worry about you running off or getting into trouble. You’re super helpful and I can always count on you to bring me a diaper for Charlotte or pick up a room after you’re done playing. I have to say you’re this amazing little person who I get to hang out with everyday.

soccer- you’ve started soccer class and you love it. I’ve never seen you this eager to participate before. the class has just enough stimulation to keep you interested and the coach is fast becoming your idol.

preschool- the stories you tell about what happens at school are so much fun to hear. usually you’ll tell me you played with, “Izzie and Sawyer” and the three of you play, “rocket ship” or “doctor” and “your teachers play too.” You love circle time and singing songs. You like to tell me what you had for snack and what books your teacher read to you. But the cutest part is that you’re super excited because at preschool you get to, “pee in the toilet standing up like Dad.”


your sister

friends- you still talk about your friends all the time. they’re definitely a huge part of your life. when you’re pretend playing one of the things you like to do is have “parties” in your bedroom where you invite all of your friends and school teachers to different themed parties. One day you’ll be having a Christmas party, then a Halloween party, Super Hero party, etc. Always Charlotte and I are invited to come as well!

books- The longest I’ll watch you sit is when you’re looking through a book or having one read to you. It’s what you do while I take a shower in the morning, when you need a break from playing and of course before bed. Books are a huge part of your routine.


drums- as we know your thing is music. right now specifically drums again. You like it when I show you bands performing at live concerts on You Tube. You’ll study the musicians like they are the most important people in the world. The you get inspired and run to grab your drums. We were recently at a birthday party for a friend and they had a baby grand piano at their house. Of course it peaked your interest and you had to give it a try. Come to find out the kid’s dad is a super good pianist and he was nice enough to give you a free show. You didn’t blink the entire song, you just stood in front of him mesmerized like you would at the drummers at Snowflake Lane.

saving the day as a super hero

helping prepare meals- Even though you’re a super picky eater rarely eat a thing we make you love to help me cook. You get up on your step stool  and I let you chop, stir and season.

Luna Bars- lemon flavored

bath time with Charlotte- you told me the other day you were, “so happy that Charlotte takes baths with you now.”

being included- You’re such a sweet guy. I know you’re happy just to be included in anything I do. Whether I’m nursing Charlotte or boxing up orders as long as it’s okay for you to stick around you’re a happy kid.


Being alone- you’re so not the kid to go play in a room on your own. In fact that would be considered punishment for you. Instead you have to be right next to me if we’re at home. Sometimes it’s a little exhausting for me I’ll be honest. Especially if I’m working. I’ve been super busy with work this month and I’ve had to tell you “I need to work on orders” a lot. Now if it were me and my mom said that I’d go color or play legos or go play something imaginary in my room. But Roman, I swear you hang out in the office with me flipping through book after book as though you were in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. To me it looks so boring! Of course if Charlotte’s awake she’s right there next to you because she doesn’t leave your side. So in our tiny office there’s me trying to frantically produce cards while you lay on the floor with a book in your face saying things to like, “can you read this page to me Mom” while Charlotte hovers you chewing on random objects. BUT out of the house it’s a totally different scene. You’re Mr. Independent who tells total strangers your life story. Your teacher remarked at how independent you are in class and I about choked.



Your parents leaving you- not that we ever do except for things like work and appointments, but every morning when your Dad heads out you tell him you have to give him a big hug and kiss and then as soon as he’s out the door you say to me, “awe, I’m going to miss him.”

hair being washed

shots- the subject has been known to keep you up at night even though your last one was on your third birthday!

getting your face wet in water- baths, showers, pools you absolutely hate getting water on your face.