Mr. Independent


Dear Roman,

The last week you’ve become so independent and self sufficient I hardly recognize you. I can’t tell you how great it is to see you this way and to NOT hear your constant demands. The problem was that I knew you were perfectly capable of fulfilling your requests and I was starting to feel like your handy servant and less like the Mama. I love you and all, but some days I was so over hearing  “Mom… can you get me…” But true to how you do things one day you woke up a changed boy. Just like that and now I’m left getting used to the reality of watching you walk by with some random snack food in your hand- like grapes that I know I didn’t provide you with- which means you helped yourself to them in the frig. Or hearing the toilet flush in the morning after you’ve totally gone to the bathroom on your own. You ask for privacy in your bedroom when you get dressed. Clothes are always on backwards so I have to assist, but still the effort is applauded. The biggest advancement is that you’re playing on your own! Your Dad and I thought it would never happen, but one morning while we were laying in bed you got tired of waiting for us to get up and decided to head downstairs to the playroom. On your way down you yelled out to me, “Mom if you need me for anything just call. Oh and if Charlotte needs anything I’ll help her. Like if you need a diaper for her.” You were down there for at least 20 minutes. No joke. Since then every day you’ve decided to escape and play on your own for a bit. This sounds crazy (because I wished and wished for you to play independently for ages) but I am actually kind of missing you. Your sister is too. She goes to the closed playroom door and cries like a little puppy and you love feeling wanted.


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