Dear Roman,
Ever since you could sit up you’ve had a love for balls and it seemed like the only toy you had interest in had to be round. So at last you’ve started taking soccer lessons. It’s a big departure from the music classes and tumbling classes you’re used to attending. There’s lots more structure, following direction and paying attention to the coaches. There’s no way you would have been ready for something like this when you were younger, but now it feels right and you are loving every second of class. You think your coaches are the coolest people ever. I catch you trying to mimic the behavior of the guy coach. When he pushes his sleeves up you do too. Doesn’t matter to you that your jersey is short sleeve. During circle time you sit right next to the girl coach and put your hand on her leg. She likes you too. You really love to kick the ball hard and score goals. The other parts of class where you’re told to dribble the ball and practice techniques challenge your attention span and discipline, but you hang in there. In fact you last longer than any other kid in the class. There isn’t much actual game playing at the level you’re at, but there’s lots of action and you’re worn out after 45 minutes. I may be bias, but I think you’re actually a pretty good soccer player!


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