Dear Roman,

Today you sounded out and read your first word! I really can’t believe it because it wasn’t long ago that you had zero interest in letters altogether. It took ages to get you to sing the ABC song. During the day when you’d start to act bored I would say random words and ask you what they started with which always succeeded in completely annoying you. But recently a switch turned on. You started pointing out letters in books and on signs. I would hear you reciting the sound that a letter makes. Mostly you’ve had a huge interest in being able to read books on your own. Flipping through book after book saying, “I wish I could read this book. ” Knowing that you could sound out letters I wrote the word CAT on a piece of paper today and put it in front of you. I asked you to tell me what each letter was, then told you to sound them out. It took you a minute and then you realized you were saying CAT. Roman, the look on your face when you discovered you could read was priceless! After that revelation we went through book after book looking for the word “cat” so you could read it again and again. So proud of yourself you called Dad, Nana and Mimi to read for them too. I’ve decided since you have finally found interest in this whole ABC thing that I’m going to have a word of the day, something for you to sound out and read every morning.

Tomorrow’s word… BAT! Ha! It’s a start!


One Response to “C-A-T”

  1. Aunt Lindsay Says:

    That is really amazing – good job, Roman!!

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