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Jack and the Beanstalk

February 21, 2011

Dear Roman,

Last weekend I took you on a super fun date to the theater. We caught a live performance of Jack and the Beanstalk at our neighborhood performing arts center. You’re going through this really uncharacteristic phase right now that leaves you fearful of almost everything as in “I don’t want to do anything Mama.” So I was really nervous you weren’t going to enjoy the show. Plus there’s a giant and the thought of that had you losing sleep for days!  I pretty much had to drag you kicking and screaming to the matinee. But once we got inside and you saw the stage you got excited. Then all of your friends arrived and you were back to your old enthusiastic self. The actors performance had you sitting perfectly still on the edge of my lap for the full 45 minutes. Sometimes you’d turn to me for reassurance that nothing scary was going to happen, but mostly you took it all in and loved every minute.

After the show we decided to go for some pizza. You walked ahead of all us moms with your buddies down familiar streets and I got a good view of what a kid you’ve become. I watched you hanging out with friends talking about who knows what and enjoying life. It’s when you’re at your happiest so I suppose I am too. It really was the perfect date. I’m just sad I didn’t get any pictures!





February 11, 2011

Dear Roman,

You had a Valentine party at preschool this week. A simple party of card exchanges and song singing. It was painfully cute to watch you pass out valentines to all of your friends and I was so impressed that the majority of the valentines you received were handmade. The handcrafted cards just seem that much sweeter if you ask me, especially coming from three year olds. Some cards had glued on ribbons and sparkles, others had traced letters to spell out names. One of your buddies even made heart shaped crayons for everyone! You handed out Super Monkey Valentines which was fitting since you still love all things super hero. Charlotte and I got to attend and she tried to consume as much red paper as humanly possible. I frantically tried to capture it all with the camera. I got a couple good shots of you checking out your loot and one sweet shot of you hugging your teacher.