Things You Say


Dear Roman,

You are a lot of things these days- persistent, stubborn, serious, master debater… exhausting! So it’s a good thing you continue to make me smile with the stuff that comes out of your mouth. Here’s a list of what I heard you say this week-

You’re channeling your 80 year old inner self or something because your excuse for anything  is, ” I can’t because my knee hurts.” Like, “I can’t walk to the park, my knee hurts. I can’t eat that, it makes my knee hurt. Can’t go get that Mom, my knee hurts.” Totally your excuse for everything.

I asked you if you wanted to go outside, “Well not really. I might be cold.”

“Mom, you know super heroes aren’t real anymore. Take a look outside Mom. See… no super heroes. NO SUPER HEROES!”

“Did you know Mars is the red planet?”

“I don’t know why Dad leaves his clothes out after he tries them on. He should hang them back up.” Hmmm. I agree.

“Um Mom… there is a little pee on the floor in the bathroom.” Then I run in to see what’s more like a lake. And what I can’t figure out is how this keeps happening more than I’d prefer.

You’ve told anyone and everyone and in this order- “I have a bunny clock in my room, my sister pulls hair, I want a chocolate marshmallow cake for my birthday and I had a stomach bug and vomited.

At swim class you were negotiating with the instructor about not getting your face wet. Finally she just told you it was time to go under and dunked you. Once back above and after you chocked and coughed a bunch you turned to her and said, “um teacher… I don’t think we need to do that again okay?”

When I asked you to buckle yourself into your carseat (something you always do) you replied, “Mom it’s raining out. I only do it on sunny days.”

“What is she saying?” accompanied with a crazy laugh. Directed at your sister when she was babbling.

“I’m trying to make her crack up.” Again directed at your sister when you were bugging her by touching all over her face and getting all close up in her personal space. Poor girl puts up with a lot from you. Just saying.


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