Dear Roman,

You’re on the path to becoming a big kid and there’s no stopping you. The major way I’ve noticed involves the kind of toys you like these days. You’re all about Legos- not Duplos (because those are for “babies”) but big kid Legos. So far we’ve been really hesitant to introduce sets into our house because of your sister. Those tiny pieces and parts make me super nervous to have around a little girl who puts everything in her mouth. But I also get that you need to have more mature toys so we’ve gotten a few. The snowboarder, astronaut and Storm Trooper Lego guys come out when Charlotte naps. I’m going to blow your mind one of these days when I surprise you with my secret stash of Legos that I kept from my childhood!

You’re also all about Star Wars as of last weekend when your Dad bought you a visual dictionary on the topic. You studied those pages front to back for days. All week we’ve been playing your version of Star Wars and I have to pretend to be “a nice Darth Vader.” It’s safe to say Star Wars characters are as cool as super heroes in your mind. Which brings me to another classic Roman response to a question. Today at school during circle time the question of the day was, “what is your favorite thing at the doctor’s office?” To which you responded, “Medical Droids.”

I love you!


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