The Way It Is


Dear Roman,

You’re half way to being four years old and about as “boy” as you can get. It’s taken me some time to notice and more time to adjust. It’s hard on your Mama watching you grow and change. It wasn’t all that long ago that you played with stuffed animals and thought babies were cute. You were gentle and liked playing with girls. Everyone always commented on what a “sweet” boy you were. But now, ah now, you are officially a boy who lives and breathes all things masculine. Super Heroes, Star Wars, good vs. evil play, getting bad guys and saving the day. Everything- every single object- turns into a battling tool. Even though you don’t actually have swords or guns or light sabers (yet) you can make one out of a stick or broom, even a straw! You put on a super hero costume or a cape and you transform yourself into a larger than life character who can do anything. You and your buddies love to “battle” and pretend play in a rough and wild way. The lame moms are constantly saying things like, “remember to be gentle” and “make sure you don’t get too rough.” In fact I’m trying very hard to let you be you and all that that looks like these days. I know it’s important for you to explore this side of your personality. And I also know this is, like everything else for you,  is just a phase. So I try and act enthusiastic about pretending to be a super hero side kick. I school myself on all that is Star Wars. I seek out new Lego kits that I know you’ll get excited about and I’m not going to make a big thing about you turning household items into weapons. Because I love my boy. My busy, active, bike riding, cape wearing, smelly little boy.


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