One on One


Dear Roman-

I was looking back at posts from a year ago. My how you’ve changed. Your language has developed leaps and bounds, your interests have gotten more mature, your body has grown and thinned out, your hair is thick and coarse. Plus you’ve stopped having tantrums and your attention span has lengthened.

What prompted my reflection was that I spent some much needed one on one time with you today. I took you on a date. Something I look forward to as much as you do. Since it was nice out I decided we’d walk to our favorite neighborhood restaurant Trellis and then hang out at the nearby park. You were so excited! Now I must tell you that Trellis is the kind of spot that takes their time bringing out food. Nothing’s rushed, you’re meant to enjoy the experience. This is the kind of place that in the past would have made me nervous taking you to by myself. But today I didn’t think twice. In fact it sounded like the perfect way to spend an afternoon with you. We sat outside and you ordered chocolate milk (custom made for you) and brioche french toast. While we waited for our lunch to arrive you sat next to me as I read from your new Batman book. When Charlotte’s around it’s impossible for me to read to you. She gets up in your face and does everything she can to take your attention away from words on a page. So the best thing in the world for you is uninterrupted reading time. In fact when our food did arrive you were disappointed because it meant I was going to have to put a pause on all the reading. I was so impressed that you sat at our table for over an hour hanging out, enjoying our time together.

After lunch we walked to the park. The sun was out (a rarity this season for us) and with it the entire neighborhood spilled out of their houses. The park was packed! Instead of meeting new kids you wanted me to stick with you and we acted out the new book we’d just read over and over. You were Robin and I was Batman. You climbed the play structure capturing villains and I did my best to pretend to help. I hated that the fun had to end, but I knew Charlotte was going to be waking up from her nap and that dad (who had knee surgery) would need us to get back home to take care of her. So I promised you we’d have another date again soon.

The thing is that I was in the best mood afterward. Being with you and giving you all my undivided attention felt so amazing. I figured some special time would be good for you (which I know it is) but I didn’t realize how beneficial it is for me too. So thanks for once again being the best date ever!


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