Oh Roman!



You make me laugh. You’re not funny in the traditional sense- you don’t put on performances or comedy acts , but in your own quirky way you keep me (and others) laughing. Mostly from stuff that comes out of your mouth.

Like today when your feet fell asleep while sitting on a chair you shouted, “oh man my feet are yawning again Mom!”

You take a weekly swim class and each Thursday afternoon it’s an effort to get you roused to go. “I don’t like swim Mom” is usually what you tell me and sometimes I pretend to care and other times I just move you along with getting dressed and into the car. As soon as we get to the pool you are always so excited to see you friends and the teacher and you forget all about your anxiety about swimming. But this last class you tried a little harder with negotiations. Word for word it went like this- “Mom, there’s no possible way I can go to swim today. Because you see I think I’ve been throating (you meant throwing) up. I’ve been puking all day Mom. Feel me, I have a fever. My stomach hurts. See? I have a cough too.” When those excuses failed to persuade me from changing the plan you continued. “But I can’t move my feet… or my arms… or my head! I can’t move MOM!!!!” To be honest I was smiling and trying hard not to laugh/encourage you, but you totally reminded me of my favorite Shel Silverstein poem Sick. So before we got in the car I pulled the book off the shelf and read it to you. I don’t think you made the connection.

You like to show off your sister. Yesterday Charlotte and I showed up to school a little before pick up and your teacher was nice enough to invite us onto the playground. You were so excited to see us in your space and ran right up to me and said, “I want to show Charlotte to my teacher.” You grabbed your sister’s hand and pulled her to where your teacher was. Then you said, “This is Charlotte. She’s one now. She talks baby, isn’t that funny? But she can say some words like…like… Mom what can she say again?”

You are always up for negotiating food- as in you don’t want to eat any of the meals we provide and would prefer I let you eat from the pantry all day. It never works. Lately though after NOT eating your lunch/dinner you’ll say, “well I’m still hungry and I don’t believe there was a lunch/dinner dessert on my plate Mom.” Nice try Roman!

The other day out of nowhere you started telling me about a dream you had. “I had a bad dream last night Mom.  It was Rancor Monster chasing me and he stubbed his toe and I got away. I can smell my dreams Mom.” I think you meant that you can remember not smell your dreams.


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