Last Day of School


Dear Roman,
I can’t believe how fast your first year at preschool flew by. It seriously seems like yesterday that you entered your classroom and said goodbye to me for the very first time. You learned so much this school year, like how to play with others, make new friends, feel comfortable in different environments. You learned how to sit and listen at circle time and follow direction. From your first day you were totally at ease. Never once did you say you didn’t want to go to school or get upset about the separation. And with good reason, the group of 10 kiddos was the best!

The thing I loved about your preschool was that there was a parent volunteer. That meant that on six different occasions I had the pleasure of hanging out with you and your classmates. The first time I volunteered early in the year there was a lot of “mine” coming from the room. You guys were trying to play independently or with the teachers. But a couple of weeks ago I volunteered for the last time and saw how you and your friends would make up elaborate worlds and play completely together with little intervention from adults. You all knew how to take turns and include others who wanted to play along. Outside on the playground you and your friends organized a game of “monster tag” which meant that some kids ran around trying to get away from a monster and you and your friend Izzie were the super heroes who could stop the monster and save the day. I can tell you I feel completely privileged to have had the opportunity to observe you in this way. I know as you grow and get older my opportunities will become less and less so I soaked up every second of my time spent with you at school.

Next year you’re moving on to a different school. I won’t have the opportunity to volunteer. I’m sure you will love it there too, but for now I’m feeling a little sad that your time at Kirkland Preschool has ended. I couldn’t have asked for a better first preschool experience for you.

And as for all those great friends you made, we’re making sure you still get to see them each week this summer. Every Monday we organized a park meetup and each Thursday we’ll be taking a field trip somewhere fun.


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