Dear Roman,

It feels really good to say “goodbye” to this week. It totally sucked and here’s why-

While on vacation we all caught some nasty stomach bug. I was the first victim falling ill in the middle of the night on our second night away. I was throwing up every hour and feeling like I wanted to… well let’s just say I was the most nauseous I’ve ever felt. Completely lame to feel so sick and forced to stay in the hotel while you, Dad and Charlotte hung by the pool, but 30 hours later I was feeling almost like my old self. Just in time because it was Charlotte’s turn get sick and not far behind was you. The day we had to fly home you and your sister were super sick, so bad that Dad and I considered canceling our flight. But I couldn’t imagine spending another night in the hotel and I so badly wanted you to be sick in the comfort of your home. So we carried you onto the plane and you put to use the lovely vomit bags provided. The good thing was that you were able to pass out and the flight went pretty quickly. But the days to follow weren’t much better. Dad got sick, you were super slow to recover and  it was pretty rough watching you have no energy, no appetite and suffer through stomach pains. Finally a full week later you’re coming around. So adios stomach virus and Hello summer!


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