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August 18, 2011

Dear Roman,

Summer is already coming to an end and in some ways it feels like it has just begun. This season got off to a very late start- we didn’t really see much sun or warm temperatures until August. Even so, I think this summer has been my favorite yet.

You went to summer camp at your old preschool for two weeks and came away a different kid- more mature, independent, self sufficient, less innocent (sniff sniff) but altogether it was an experience you loved and it’s a little sad for you that you won’t be returning to that preschool or your teachers for this coming year. You keep asking me if you can go visit them. You’re just like your Mama- you hate saying goodbye!

You also went to a week of science camp where you learned how to make a volcano, performed experiments, launched a mini hot air balloon, made goo, played games and more. It felt so strange dropping you off at a place you’d never been to before with kids you’d never met and whose parents I’d never met. You came home with a couple disturbing (mainly for me) stories about words other boys were using and how you’d been pushed down by another kid.

Your camp confession sparked some conversation between you and I about  how words can hurt. We’ve actually been having a lot of more mature conversations about right and wrong this summer. You’re trying hard to sort it all out in your head and I’m trying hard to pass along my values and beliefs. This is a really important time in your development as a boy.

Tuesday mornings were spent at outdoor concerts at the park. Just as years past this was a highlight for you especially when you got to see the group Recess Monkeys and the group The Not Its. Both times you had a blast dancing with friends and studying every move the guitar players would make. Just about every morning you grab your guitar and your sister and put on a concert for me.

We’ve spent every day this week at the neighborhood pool where you’ve been at swim camp. I have to say this has been the highlight of the summer for me. We have a nice routine of going to get a snack at the French Bakery across the street and then head to the pool. You take lessons in the wading pool and Charlotte (with me) takes lessons in the other pool. It all reminds me of my childhood spent swimming at the local pool with my Mommo and I love it! After Charlotte’s lesson ends she and I head over to watch you finish up. You’ve gotten so comfortable in the water and have come so far it’s just amazing! All in all it’s the most relaxing way to spend our morning.

We’ve also spent several afternoons at your home away from home- Turtle Park. That park is such an important part of your childhood and each year I watch you as you learn  to play in different areas of the park. When you were a toddler you liked the swings and the little slide. The next summer you moved on to the sand box. This summer you’re climbing on the equipment that I used to watch the “big kids” climb on and would think to myself, I can’t imagine Roman ever being that old. It’s so sad to think you may actually be outgrowing our favorite park.

This summer we’ve managed to have so many great meetups and playdates with your buddies Izzie, Sawyer and Nicholas. It’s wonderful to watch you interact with one another even if it means you’re working out challenges like compromising, sharing and taking turns. The biggest thing you all do is go off and play on your own. We hardly see or hear from you most of the time.

Every single morning we take a walk. Usually by 9am we’re out the door and on our walk by the lake, around town and back home again. Sometimes we stop at coffee and you’ll pick out a pastry to share with Charlotte. For 45 minutes you’ll sit and talk with me about all sorts of things that are on your mind while I push you and your sister. This is also a highlight for me. I adore hearing what’s on your mind.