Happy Birthday!


Dear Roman,

You’re 4! That’s so big kid.  It was a long journey for you over the last year with lots of ups and downs, but look at all you’ve accomplished.

Over this last year you conquered potty training, gave up your pacifier, started preschool and met all sorts of new friends. You tried soccer and loved it. You learned to swim and overcame your fear of water.

You learned how to be a big brother and a really good one at that. You share your toys with your sister and ask Charlotte to join in your fun. You look after her, she means the world to you. The two of you carry on conversation (even though she barely talks) and play together all day long. Besides playing with Charlotte you’ve learned how to play on your own as well. Hardly believe I can say that since you were so the kid who needed constant interaction, but you’ve really matured this past year. You’re able to go off and pretend play or look through books in your room without mom by your side. You’ve learned how to play with friends too. The playground and park served as the perfect spot for you and your buddies to work on taking turns, sharing, deciding what to play. You’ve slowed down a lot lately- as in you’re pausing and stopping to notice the world around you instead of go go going as a toddler. You’ll sit still long enough to enjoy a morning walk down to the coffee shop where you, Charlotte and myself share pastries and steamers… sitting at a table in a chair instead of eating on the run.  You’re a thinker who asks questions about everything and ponders right vs. wrong constantly. The conversations we’ve been having can definitely get pretty deep.

You still love, LOVE music and instruments. You make up songs and play your guitar every single day. You also go crazy for books. You love anything Star Wars, super hero, action figure, astronaut related. You like building and creating, pretending to “fix stuff” and playing with Legos.

So Happy Birthday to our super creative, thoughtful, generous, social, sensitive kid. 4 years ago today you started teaching your mama what life is really all about and I’ve never been the same. I love you kid!




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