First Week of School


Dear Roman,

This week was a really big week for you. It was the first week of school- a different preschool with new teachers and friends to get to know. What a fantastic week it was.

St John’s Preschool is right in our neighborhood which means if the weather is nice we can walk. And since it didn’t rain this week we took advantage of the opportunity. The first day of school you were filled with excitement and anticipation as we walked to class. On our way you were telling me how “four year olds act” which in your eyes you might as well be an adult and you practically skipped the entire way. As soon as you opened the school door you were greeted by your 3 teachers and shown the first of many routines- find your name written on a picture of an owl, velcro your owl to a spot on a tree on the wall and then put your bag in your cubby. All of which you did with great concentration. Then you slowly walked into your classroom, gave me a hug and kiss goodbye and went straight to the book section. One of your teachers joined you and started reading your book of choice. Of course I stuck around a little to watch how you adjusted, but I really didn’t need to. You were totally fine in the new environment.  And that was that. Another “first day of school drop off” success story. Two and a half hours later Charlotte and I were back to pick you up. The designated wait area is out in the hall, but your class door has a window so I couldn’t help myself and took another peek in. You were sitting in a circle with all your classmates and a teacher was sitting in a chair talking and and encouraging dialog between kids. Then she dismissed you one by one out into the hall where the eager parents stood. I got a huge hug and kiss from you the minute you exited and then you were talking a mile a minute about school- you made play-doh and got to take it home, you learned how to say colors in Spanish but couldn’t remember, your teacher read a funny book about a dog that goes to school, you had yogurt for snack and it was good, you liked playing outside and oh yeah you played Mr. Potato Head with your buddy Sawyer. Then as we were getting ready to walk back home some of your new friends asked if you wanted to go get pizza for lunch. Of course you were thrilled (Zeek’s pizza is your favorite) and before I could say “yes” you were holding hands with a chain of four kids and walking down the street in front of me.

The next day at preschool was just as successful. Your teachers wanted to make sure you got to celebrate your birthday in class since school started after your big day so Tuesday was designated “Roman’s special day” at school. I was given an “all about me” poster to work on with you so that you could bring it and share with your class. You were also allowed to bring something for show and tell and I made chocolate rice crispy treats for snack. Charlotte and I were invited to join in the celebration and I watched you tell the class about your best friends (Sawyer, Izzie, Nicholas, Bodhi), favorite color (blue and grey), what you want to be when you grow up (coast guard), favorite food (cob on the corn and french fries) and that you have a fish named Calvin. Then it was time for show and tell. You brought your guitar (favorite possession) and let all 13 kids take a turn at playing it. Your friends sang happy birthday and then you enjoyed the crispy treats. It was all so adorable I couldn’t stand it.

In just a week I already feel like this preschool is home for you. We see so many familiar faces in the halls of friends we’ve known from other classes or from the neighborhood. Your teachers are beyond nice and professional. Each day you’re given a helper job in class which is perfect for you since you love a task. Class is organized and structured, but fun and nurturing. I really think it’s going to be a great school year!


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