Telling Stories


Dear Roman,

This afternoon was spent at the park with your best buddies Izzie and Nicholas. The three of you are really cute together and it’s been amazing to watch how you have grown from kids who needed adult supervision to what you are now- three kiddos totally capable of playing, sharing, interacting together. It couldn’t have been more apparent to me today. From the moment we arrived you were off playing and running around. You only briefly checked in with me to request a snack and water. Then it was off for more fun. At one point the three of you made your way to a corner in some grass farthest away from where the moms were standing. Through my chit chat with the other moms I noticed you sitting in a circle talking about who knows what. You guys looked so grown up hanging out so far away. It still takes be by surprise to realize that you in fact are that kid. Anyway, on the way home we had a little conversation that went like this:

YOU- Mom do you know why Nicholas and Izzie and I went to the other side of the park?

ME- No why?

YOU- Because we were telling stories and we didn’t want you to hear.

ME- Oh really? What kind of stories?

YOU- Well I told a story about a boy who pumped his stomach up and up and up until it popped!

ME- Hmm. That’s creative.

And that’s when I realized, you really wanted separation from me. You know, so you could be a kid with your friends. Tell silly stories and laugh and joke and play games in the privacy of your own space. WOW you’re growing up so fast!


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