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A 4 Year Old

October 13, 2011

Dear Roman,

You’ve changed so much over the last month. Turning 4 was a really big deal for you and now it seems you’re settling in to a new stage quite nicely.

Big differences I’ve noticed-

At the park or on playdates with your friends you require zero assistance from me. The other day we went to Izzie’s one afternoon and the two of you escaped up to her room for over 30 minutes. Finally you both came downstairs to “check in” dressed in costumes. Lots of pretend play still! That same afternoon the two of you put on an elaborate concert for your moms and siblings and even made up lyrics to all the songs. I will often catch bits and pieces of your imaginary play at the park and over hear adventures about saving the day and rescuing people/animals in distress.

At swim you are now swimming under water the entire length of the pool. Seriously! You take a deep breath, put your head down and swim across coming up for air once you’ve reached the other side. Plus you’re doing  cannonball jumps off the side- something you were always so afraid to do.

You’re currently big into trying to be a gentleman. This means holding doors for people, letting girls go first and hugging Charlotte in a gentle way. You often forget to say “please” and “thank you” so I’ll remind you and make you go back and say it again. So when you actually remember to use polite words you’re so proud declaring, “I was such a gentleman!”

There’s so much less arguing over toys with friends. You were always very good at sharing a toy, but over the summer there were times when you and a friend would struggle taking turns. But lately it seems you and your peers work it out without struggle or intervening from an adult.

Your coloring skills have really developed. All of a sudden you are concentrating and staying within the lines. When you put pen to paper you’re drawing scenes and people instead of scribbles. It’s super cool to see all the projects you create at school- a city made from glue and wood, a family tree, paintings, cut out pumpkins, etc.

No more battles getting you to do your part. We usually only have to ask once for you to get dressed in the morning or to put your pjs on at night. When you come in the door at home you know to take off your shoes and where to put them without being reminded. You’re getting really good at picking up your toys. All this sounds super boring I know, but it’s a really big deal to your parents becuse it means less “reminding” and more of us being able to treat you like… well… a four year old!

We love you!