Lego Maniac


Dear Roman,

Your dad has waited for this moment since you were born. I’m not going to lie, I have too.  As your parents we’ve been super excited for you to get into two specific hobbies- drawing and Legos. The first never interested you (or has yet to) but the second you have taken to like a natural. The same way you did with a guitar.

You collected a few Lego car sets from our walks up to the drugstore  and I organized all my old Legos into boxes that are within your reach. Pretty much every waking hour spent at home consists of you building boy things with your Legos. By “boy things” I mean battle ships, vehicles, prisons, shuttles… It’s amazing to me how you just create with no visual reference whatsoever. Yesterday I took you to a Lego class (because to my surprise that really exists) held at your favorite neighborhood toy store. There were tables with bins of Legos set out. The really cool kind that you don’t own yet like… drumroll… STAR WARS LEGOS!!!!! That’s pretty much the ultimate cool thing in your world. You sat for a good hour next to the other (older) boys creating, well boy things. You’d make a ship and the kid next to you would make a ship and then the two of you would have your ships battle. You have some skills too. I was really impressed with what you made.

And the best part is when Charlotte is napping and you and I hang out playing Legos together. I love you kid, even more than you love Legos.


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