Merry Christmas!




















Merry Christmas Roman!

You were so aware and into everything the season had to offer this year. Songs, books, sweet treats, decorations, Elf on the Shelf- you loved it all. We continued traditions like visiting the Teddy Bear Room and Gingerbread Houses downtown, as well as Snowflake Lane and even a reluctant visit to the big man Santa Claus. But in my opinion the best holiday moment came one night when we decided totally last minute to go see the Christmas Ships. We had just missed them down at Marina Park in our neighborhood so we hopped in the car and zoomed across the bridge to the other side of Lake Washington. As we drove across we passed the boats all lit up and shining off the water’s reflection. You and Charlotte started shouting, “Christmas Ships Christmas Ships Christmas Ships” with excitement. We raced across the bridge to Madison Park just as the ships were pulling up. The air was crisp and it was unusually dry which made it the perfect night to stand outside and watch the show- carolers singing over a loud speaker as decorated ships floated on the lake. After the last song we walked to dinner (well past your usual bedtime). As we walked we passed a horse drawn carriage trotting along Madison St. and a few nice people handing out cookies and hot beverages on the sidewalk. Seriously it felt like something out of a Dickens novel.

Christmas morning was the best so far. You weren’t overwhelmed or too stimulated. You took in the morning with patience and a bit of calmness which was so refreshing. After opening a few presents you actually turned to us and said, “I think Santa has brought me enough. I don’t need to open any more presents.” Your big gift was a left handed electric guitar. I think you were so in awe that you actually got to play and touch the guitar that you didn’t really realize it was yours to keep. You also liked a dress up jet pack and of course the Lego sets you received.

After Christmas we had a really nice week off from school and classes. No reason to get going right away in the morning allowed you and Charlotte the option of staying in pajamas and playing together for hours. Before New Years we took a short trip to see some snow in the mountains and met Mimi and Pop for a two night stay. We had a blast inner tubing, sledding, ice skating and swimming! Next up is teaching you how to ski!


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