Snowed In


Dear Roman,

Not since you were Charlotte’s age have you seen a major snowfall in our neighborhood… until this week. The white stuff started falling Saturday afternoon and it didn’t stop until Thursday night! That’s a crazy amount of snow for Seattle! School was cancelled for the entire week. We didn’t get in the car. Even Dad couldn’t make it into work for a couple days. With the city snowed in we took full advantage!

You did some major sledding over at the park across from our house. Running and jumping, trying to get air and basically having the time of your life. Tons of snowball fights were had, you spent hours building, playing, creating with the snow. We’d buddle up and head out on foot with you and your sister being towed in the sled. Your Dad and I took you both on daily trips around town- to the market for gelato, the coffee shop for hot cocoa. It was definitely a sight to take in as people made their way on foot, sled, snowboard or ski instead of the usual cars occupying the streets. Kirkland was temporarily transformed into a snowy resort town. It was pretty spectacular.

And now the snow is slowly melting. Amazing what a difference a day can make! School is going to resume next week, schedules and classes and car trips and getting dressed instead of living in pajamas. We’ll go back to being stuck indoors because of rain. Blah. But that’s what makes snow so special right? It’s unexpected, enchanting and temporary.


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