Dear Roman,

February has turned out to be a big “life lesson” month for you. In addition to your fish passing away you also said goodbye to your buddy Nicholas who moved to Portland. You like to describe it as, “Nicholas left for Portland and he won’t be back for a long time, until we go to college together.”

To make a positive spin on the whole situation we’ve planned a trip to visit Nicholas in the near future and that idea has you very excited. So your focus has been on the trip not that your friend moved away. Except for the last three  Friday mornings when we’ve gone swimming (something we used to do with Nicholas) and you’ve said to me, “can we invite Nicholas, Christian and Kelly?” briefly forgetting that they are now in Portland. When I reminded you of that reality you got a little sad in the face.

And today… it was a gorgeous afternoon and we headed over to the park for a little bike riding. A trash truck drove by and Charlotte shouted, “trash can Christian!” because Christian (Nicholas’ little brother) loves trash cans. That moment reminded the three of us about all the fun we used to have at the park with Nicholas and Christian. I saw that same sad look on your face so I quickly reminded you and Charlotte that we would be seeing them very soon. That seemed to help. I reminded you (as I did when Calvin passed away) that it was okay to feel sad about missing a friend. You weren’t really into saying much in response, but hopefully it comforted you a little.

*Photo above- Nicholas on drums, you on electric guitar and Christian watching on.


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