Mission Accomplished


Dear Roman,

Today was a really important day. You know why? You road your bike without training wheels! I think the idea had been on your mind for awhile. Twice last week you mentioned to me that you were going to ask Dad to take the training wheels off of your bike. Then this morning you finally brought up the subject with him. Afternoon came around and you weren’t backing down. So off went the training wheels and outside we all went. You were determined. It took 5 or so tries, lots of crashes into bushes, a few scrapes and then there you were… off on your own. Riding on the same path at the park I vividly remember taking you on just two years ago when you learned how to ride your balance bike. There you were today such a big boy riding a bike. Just as you had set out to do. The smile on your face said it all. You were just about as proud as a kid could be and rightfully so.

Good job Roman!


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