Dear Roman,

For what seems like forever you’ve been asking to go to Legoland. You actually found out about this so called Heaven on earth from a sign at the Lego store about a year ago. At first sight you were mesmerized by the thought that such a place could exist. So from time to time I’d show you video clips about the amusement park  that I found on the Legoland website. Then your cousin took a trip there and came back with photos. Two friends from school returned from winter break with tales from Legoland. Your begging began and didn’t stop until your dad and I realized we’d better start putting a trip together. Spring break seemed like the perfect opportunity.

So we surprised you in the early morning by waking you up from your slumber to tell you we had to catch a plane to San Diego. At first you were a little confused, tired and not sure if what we were saying was real or a dream. Once you realized that we were on our way to Legoland your excitement kicked in and stayed for the entire trip!

We had a blast. A true family vacation- our first to a kid themed local. Upon entry to Legoland the first day I actually think your dad and I were more excited for you. My eyes filled with tears of joy as I watched your face as you took in all there was to see. For two straight days we rode rides and walked the park. You and your dad got a kick out of the Star Wars exhibit. Charlotte liked the Lego safari animals. My favorite was the castle section. We spent our afternoons swimming at the hotel pool and evenings at the beach for a little sand play at sunset before dinner and bed. It was fantastic.

Your prized souvenir has been the Legoland map. You have it memorized and pull it out every single day to study. Making mental notes of the areas you want to go back to on our next visit.



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